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It’s Not Really Valentine’s Day Unless It Happens In Vegas

Is there really a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than in Las Vegas? Everything magical and mysterious about Las Vegas is literally within walking distance down Las Vegas Blvd. Need a flower shop? We have a few of those. Need a drive-thru wedding chapel? We hear “The Fast Lane” wedding chapel is the place to go, with your selection of three different wedding packages. (Ok, I just Googled that. No one at Bulwark, that we know of, has had first, second or third hand experience with said location)

That said, there are lots of fun things to do around the city on Valentine’s Day. Stop by the M&M Store and get creative with your partner. After that, head over to the Coca-Cola store and sample all the international flavors. If you’re looking for some of Vegas’ finest food establishments, then consider Alize, Nove Italiano or Foundation Room.

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person, and can’t leave the fate of your relationship or marriage in the hands of your waiter at Alize or the cashier at the M&M Store, then you’ll probably opt for something homemade and in the privacy of your own home. A nice candlelight dinner perhaps. A little bit of wine, some nice hors d’oeuvres, and eventually a main dish that you’ve been slow roasting in the oven for the past 8 hours.

The meal is done, but the night is far from over. You have a few more tricks up your sleeve that are sure to make this night the most memorable since the Ravens upset the 49ers 10 days early in the Super Bowl. You lead her upstairs, eyes closed.

But while you couldn’t put Valentine’s Day in the hands of your waiter, maybe you should’ve put it in the hands of… your pest control guy!

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