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Bulwark Awarded Angie’s List Super Service Award

Bulwark Exterminating Wins Angie’s List Super Service Award For Las Vegas Branch

This just in:

Angie’s List has announced the winners of their 2012 Super Service Award. Without further adieu; Bulwark Exterminating’s Las Vegas branch was chosen as a recipient in the category of Pest Control and Exterminating.

Angie’s List Super Service Award

This exclusive recognition is given annually to the top five percent of service companies for achieving and maintaining a superior rating on Angie’s List throughout 2012, as determined by Angie’s List members.

This prestigious Super Service Award is highly recognized by Angie’s List members, as it reflects Bulwark’s focus on customer service and quality work.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a customer review site that allows customers to find detailed reviews on specific companies, in a wide variety of industries. Angie’s List members submit 65,000 reviews each month in categories ranging from home, auto, health, outdoor, and much more. Companies cannot pay to be on Angie’s list, and reviews come from real people like you.

Bulwark Pest Control Reviews On Angie’s List

Bulwark Pest Control continually receives outstanding customer reviews on Angie’s list for the Las Vegas branch. Out of Bulwark’s 106 total customer reviews, 85 reviewers rate their service as “A;” and 12 as “B.” That’s impressive! Here are just a few:

“Bulwark Exterminating is very thorough, friendly, and informative. They puff a chemical solution into the wall through the electrical outlets to kill anything that is living behind the walls inside your house. I liked that there was no chemical smell in the house. He also got rid of all my scary spiders outside.”

-Tory G.
Las Vegas, NV

“We were overrun with crickets and ants and they were gone by the day after the service was rendered.”

-Bruce S.
Las Vegas, NV

“Alex, the technician was courteous and professional from the time I met him at the door. He asked if I was a first-time customer and if I had completed any contract paperwork. He provided this to me, explained what he would be doing, and got to work. I was very satisfied as this is something I do not have time to take care of myself. I was given an option to select the type of product used in my home. And I was assured that Bulwark would come to my home, at not cost to me, to take care of pest problems that might occur prior to the next visit. I would highly recommend Bulwark Exterminating to other homeowners.”

-Sandy K.
Las Vegas, NV

“Excellent! Very professional company from the owner to their entire staff, a pleasant experience.”

-Byron L.
Las Vegas, NV

To read all of Bulwark Exterminating’s customer reviews on Angie’s List, check out :

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Bulwark Exterminating- Las Vegas

Bulwark Exterminating
3932 Octagon Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 255-6313

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Pest control Las Vegas NV

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Pest Control Las Vegas NV

3932 Octagon Road
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(702) 255-6313

Kim says:
“I have used Bulwark Pest Control for a long time and just had to write you about the amazing service I received from your technician Brent Beirdneau #202984. He did an incredible job servicing my yard. He sprayed all the areas that were noted on my account without skipping one and without having to be reminded by me. He is the type of worker you can tell takes pride in doing the best job can. I was very impressed. Please have him service my home each month! You should be glad to have someone with his work ethic representing your company! I hope you will consider giving him a raise – he is an employee you don’t want to lose!”

Jennifer says:
“We’ve been using Bulwark since 2005 and they’ve always provided excellent service. Ryan Peck has been our tech for the past few years and he is so courteous and professional. He always makes sure to knock in case the kids are napping or if I missed some of the kids’ toys in the back he picks them up for me. He always asks if we’ve seen any bugs in the house or if any areas need special attention. Thankfully, Bulwark’s spray is so efficient I rarely see any bugs in the house, which is really unusual for the summer here in Las Vegas. If you live in the desert, it’s pretty much a requirement to have pest control, it just makes sense to go with the one that is the safest for your kids and provides excellent service.”

Robin says:
“We just started new service from Bulwark and the first treatment was very good. They sprayed inside, outside and was sure to cover everything. When I called back to schedule the next appointment I told them I really liked the first guy and they told me he only does the initial treatment. I thought great just another pest company that does an awesome job the first time and then send someone out for the rest of the contract to do half the job. I have to say I am extremely happy. Billy Mac was my technician(#202787) and he was professional, nice and very accomodating! I do hope we will have him the entire time of our contract. Also, for the first time since living in our home, we are finding dead scorpions!!!!!”

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Pest Control and Snakes

Pest Control Traps Water Moccasins - Deadly Texas Snakes

Pest Control Traps Water Moccasins - Deadly Texas Snakes

Great tips and great article for both pest control companies and homeowners.  Pest Control and Snakes

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Green Pest Control Conference Report

Consumers should be weary of pest control companies that misuse the term “Green Pest Control”. There are no regulations for how or who can use the term “Green Pest Control”. Its advised that you ask specific questions about the service and about the products being used. When interviewing a pest control company you should ask “how toxic are your products?” This requires them to give you an answer based on the products label.  You can also ask about treatment techniques.  Do they spray your baseboards inside?  Do they require frequent interior treatments?  Are the products sprayed on the outside different then those used on the inside?

If you are interested in a more enviromentally friendly service then perhaps you should also ask about green pest cotnrol practices.  Do they have GPS on their trucks?  Do they use an electric pump?  Do they recycle?  Do they have a paperless or autopay billing solution? All of these are easy steps for a pest control company to take in order to provide a greener friendlier pest control solution.

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Las Vegas Bed Bugs Booming!

Bed Bug Problem is spreading.

Las Vegas isn’t the only city with an increasing bed bug epidemic.  It’s nation wide.  Bed bugs are spreading like wild fire.  Those that frequent hotels are at a hire risk of bringing these pests home.  Pest Control operators are getting an ever increasing demand for bed bugs and EPA has no clear solution. As PCOs struggle to combat these pests many are quickly realizing that general pest control isn’t going to cut it.

Estimates of bed bug problem continuing to grow. Apartments and hotels are not the only businesses affected as airliners and movie theaters are also reporting problems. EPA contemplates a Public Health Notice.

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The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.

Have you ever heard Bulwark Exterminating’s ultimate goal/objective?

Bulwark’s Objective:
“The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.”

How is Bulwark doing?
Google ranks us #1 for that search ( Click Above), so it seems that we get their vote.

Thanks Google!

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