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Top 6 Reasons to Get Ant Control

1- Deadly Painful bites. Ants can cause very painful bites and for some these bites can actually prove to be fatal. Harvester ants carry the most potent toxins, follow by fire ants and a few other nasty little ants.

2- Damage to food. Pantries all over the US have suffered from sugar ant, thief ants, Argentine ants, and odorous house ants. There is no way of knowing how much food has been thrown out after being ravaged by these invasive ants.

3- Spreading of Diseases – Not all ants spread disease causing bacteria, but among those that do you will find the ever so common crazy ant.

4- Damage to wood framing. Carpenter ants chew on wood.  They can weaken a homes structure.  An infestation of these ants is easily recognized by the saw dust/ wood particles they leave behind. Easily recognized but hard to get rid of.

5- Damage to electrical wiring. Some ants are so small that they will crawl into a structures electrical wiring.  Rasberry ants have specifically been identified and reported in short circuiting electrical wires.

6- House fires. While not common there is a real threat of house fires being caused by ants.  Carpenter ants that leave wood debris laying in your walls leave a trail of fire dangers. Just last week carpenter ants were named as the cause of house fire last week. The Florida home caught fire and caused 80,000 in damages and all because of one tiny little black ant. The ant colony was making their home in the wall near an electrical outlet. When one of the carpenter ants got grounded by the electrical current running through the wiring it caught on fire and the fire quickly spread out of the outlet and into the family room.

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Get rid of ants!

Hi, my name is Brian and I am writing this to inform you of the recent ant activity in the Las Vegas area. Here at Pest Control Las Vegas, we have noticed a dramatic increase in calls and emails for help with ants. Here are a couple of email calls for help:

“Ants surrounding house and beginning to come inside.”

“This is a rental home of mine and the tenants are having an ant infestation that I need to get a quote on and taken care of as soon as possible.”

“Since we moved into our new home we tried to get the ants under control. But as soon as we destroy ons hill, they just build another one. There are ant holes and hills all over the yard. We tried natron allready and hot water but nothing helps.”

If you have noticed similar problems, we can help. Call us today. We are 94% recommended and 100% guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you.


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