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Storage Units And Insects

Storage UnitsSelf-storage units and public storage lockers have many obvious benefits. There is always a need for extra space and the benefit of having an uncluttered house drives many to take advantage of this option. In many cases, items are packed up without much thought and dropped into an aluminum locker. There is usually no more time spend on the storage unit once the lease is signed and door is closed. Once treasured personal belongings are now sitting, alone in the dark, never to be heard from again. Well, so maybe it is not all that dramatic. But, there are some unpleasant things that can happen when personal belongings are haphazardly left in storage. The problems are actually twofold. The first would be due to owner neglect, and the second would be due to dilapidated facilities.

Owner Neglect

Some people simply do not take care to thoughtfully pack items in preparation for storage. This is a fairly easy fix, and just requires some time and diligence. There are a few common sense ways to protect items from damage during packing, moving and storing. Any glass or delicate items should be properly cushioned in newspaper, bubble wrap or even blankets to protect them from accidental breakage. To prevent clothing from being eaten by moths or made into a home by other insects, place them in airtight container or use moth balls throughout the unit as a deterrent to bugs. Clearly label each box, tote or bag to indicate what contents are inside and if any special instructions (such as “fragile” or “flammable”) apply. Finally, do not use any boxes that once contained food to store any objects that insects may be remotely interested in exploring. Even aged scents may attract new insects for vermin to a storage unit.

Dead RoachesNeglected Facilities

Although property owners have the best of intentions, not every compound can be a Keyport Self Storage. Beyond that, there are certain unavoidable effects of aging. Once solid building structures can become corrupt over time by weather, misuse, mistreatment, and infestations. Some of these issues area avoidable, but some are just par for the course and a part of nature that must be accepted. For example, rust occurs when metals are constantly exposed to the elements and oxidation forms. This can be regularly treated through cleaning processes, proper irrigation and special paints that are rust resistant. However, nothing can fully prevent rust from forming. It is up to the property management to keep an eye on the affected areas and make any necessary adjustments and maintenance to the property. Rusty buildings create holes that small rodents and large insects can easily enter to wreak havoc on the contents. The most common insects to enter closed in spaces are termites, spiders, water bugs and bees or wasps during nesting season. The cool, dark spaces are ideal for exploration and making webs, nests or cocoons that will not be disturbed. Period and consistent treatments with effective pesticides will eliminate this problem and prevent future infestations. Likewise, educating the public and encouraging renters to understand their responsibilities will help the overall health and longevity of the storage unit and property.

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Golden Nugget Dining Areas Shut Down Because Of Pest Infestation

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Restaurant Battling Pests 


Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New findings from the Las Vegas, NV health department may have guests of the Golden Nugget cringing. The Southern Nevada Health District closed down the hotel and casino’s 24 hour a day café. The health department also closed down the employee dining room citing 27 problems with pests like roaches, and for unsanitary conditions.

Guests at the 24 Hour Carson Street Café inside the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino are being turned away. The employee restaurant is also closed down citing numerous health code violations. Both are closed indefinitely as The Golden Nugget launches a full investigation into what went wrong. The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino is one of the oldest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Recent upgrades were designed to draw tourists in, but inside the restaurant is currently sitting empty.

The Las Vegas Health Department gave The Golden Nugget’s Carson Street Café and employee restaurant demerits for lack of “effective pest control measures.” Representatives for the Golden Nugget say they are working diligently to reopen the employee restaurant and the Carson Street Café as soon a possible. This is welcome news for the many tourists who flock to Las Vegas and feel that the Golden Nugget is a downtown staple.

The health department says its goal is to work with the Golden Nugget to get effective pest control measures that will prevent pest infestations like this from happening again.

Statement From Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

“We are clearly upset and disappointed that somebody dropped the ball. This should never happen. We retain the services of a professional outdoor vendor, and are angry and disappointed that this happened. A full investigation is being launched as to how this occurred, and we assure all of our guests that it will not happen again.”

Effective Pest Control

Effective pest control is essentially a pest control service that delivers what it promises. After receiving a pest control treatment, you should not be seeing pests like roaches, spiders, or scorpions near in your home. If one of these creepy crawlies does happen to get past the pest barrier, an immediate re-treatment should be available free of charge. Look for a Las Vegas pest control company that guarantees their effectiveness.

It’s safe to say somebody dropped the ball at The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

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