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How To Care For Scorpion Stings

First Aid KitI recently wrote about the signs and reactions of a scorpion sting. So, let’s say you have determined you have been stung by a scorpion by demonstrating some of the common symptoms and signs.

What do you do?

First Aid For Scorpion Stings

If you have been stung by a scorpion in Las Vegas, there are a few steps that should be taken to treat the sting, and alleviate your pain. Most treatment can be done in the comfort of your home, unless you’re experiencing symptoms that are serious in nature.

With the scorpion’s venom speeding up your heart-rate, it’s critical that you remain calm after being stung. Panicking will only increase your already elevated heart rate and blood pressure.


  • Take off your rings, watches, and bracelets. Once stung, you will likely swell, and your jewelry can cut off circulation; not to mention be very uncomfortable.
  • Tenderly clean the scorpion sting area with soapy, lukewarm water.
  • You should never cut into the sting area and try to suck out the venom. Doing so can cause infection and make the sting worse.
  • If the bite does happen to become infected, you’ll likely need antibiotics.
  • Rotate an ice pack or cold compress, 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off, at the sting site.
  • Elevate the sting area on pillow
  • If you are prone to insect allergies, like that of a bee sting, take an anti-allergy medication like Benadryl.
  • If you are experiencing pain, take a couple Tylenol every 4 hours until the pain subsides.
  • Do not take ibuprofen or aspirin after a scorpion sting.
  • If a sting victim is young, elderly, or ill. Seek medical attention. If your symptoms are severe or long lasting, seek medical attention as well.


HospitalWhen Should I Go The Hospital?

Pain, swelling, burning, numbness, and discoloration are all possible reactions to being stung by a scorpion. These sensations may last for mere moments, or may last for several days.

Like with any insect/arachnid bite or sting, severe reactions can take place.

If any of the above mentioned reactions continue for an extended time (several days or longer), or if they are severe in nature, then you should go to the hospital. A licensed physician will determine the severity of the sting reaction and suggest what additional treatment may be needed, including possible scorpion antivenom. The victim may be held overnight for medical observation.

Additionally, if an infant or someone with a compromised immune system is stung, you should go to the hospital immediately as well. In these cases, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If at all possible, and if it can be done safely, it helps if you can bring the scorpion into the hospital with you. The scorpion can be properly identified. In most Las Vegas scorpion sting cases, the likely culprit will be an Arizona Bark scorpion.

Any questions or concerns regarding scorpion stings can be directed to Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

scorpionLas Vegas Scorpion Control

Being stung by a scorpion is nasty business. Make sure you have taken some preventative measure to keep yourself and your family from being stung.

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