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Spring Cleaning Tips: How Pest Prevention Helps You Prepare For Warmer Weather

Spring cleaning is a time to start fresh. For many families, that means getting rid of clutter, scrubbing down surfaces and implementing new organizational systems. Although not often thought about, pest prevention should be part of the spring cleaning process as well. As temperatures increase, a wide variety of pests make their move on unsuspecting homeowners. To keep them at bay, it is important to implement the following tips.

Take Away Their Food Source

If pests are able to find food inside your house, it is going to be difficult to get rid of them. Start the prevention process in your kitchen. Make sure that your trash can has a tight fitting lid; if it does not, consider picking up a new one. Also, clean both the outside and inside of your receptacle. A small tear in your trash bag can mean a large mess that pests will find appetizing. Finally, commit yourself to daily maintenance. It is important that you load your dishwasher each evening rather than allowing dishes to remain in the sink. In addition, keep the counters clean and the floors swept for best results.

Clean Up Standing Water

Go into all of your bathrooms, as well as your kitchen, and check under the sinks to make sure the pipes are not leaking. If you spot an issue, have it corrected as soon as possible. In addition, if you have an area of your home, like the basement, that seems damp or humid, set up a dehumidifier to take care of the problem. Pests are attracted to water, so leaving these issues unresolved is a recipe for disaster.

Prevent Nesting

Walk around the perimeter of your home, and examine the foundation closely. In order to keep bugs from viewing your home as their home, it may be necessary to complete a few projects. For instance, there should be at least once inch of space between the wood on your home and the soil from the yard. In addition, all mulch should be kept approximately a foot and a half away from the foundation. Finally, if you notice any cracks or small holes, make sure you close them up right away.

As a general rule, it is also a good idea to make sure that all your doors and windows have screens on them. This will make it much more difficult for a pest to gain access to your living space. In addition, keep all shrubbery trim and down away from your home.

As you get ready to begin the spring cleaning process, it is important not to forget about pest prevention. A little bit of work now can make a huge difference when warmer weather rolls around.

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Common Las Vegas Ants



Ants are social insects. They are also considered generalist predators, scavengers and indirect herbivores. This pest has colonized almost every landmass in the World. The only regions that lack indigenous ants, are Antarctica and a few large islands; such as Greenland, Iceland, (parts of) Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. These common pests form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals, to highly organized colonies which sometimes occupy large areas; consisting of millions of ants.

Las Vegas Ants 

The city of Las Vegas has several ant species that can be a nuisance. They also can cause pain from stings/bites; they can spoil your food, and damage and your property. The Las Vegas ant scene is dominated primarily by the Argentine ant and the Pharaoh ant.
argentine ant

Argentine Ants 

Though the Argentine Ant is a small, non-stinging ant, it is very territorial and aggressive and will drive away or kill competing ant species. They make a chemical called iridomyr-mecin which they smear on their enemies to kill them or make them run away. Neighboring colonies of Argentine ants appear not to be aggressive toward each other, allowing for the rapid spread and domination of this species. More…


English: Profile view of ant Monomorium pharao...

Pharaoh Ants 

Tiny pharaoh ants become a huge problem when they inhabit structures. Colonies can become very large, with several hundred thousand workers and many queens. In response to repellent chemicals, colonies often split off into new colonies. Workers will forage for food hundreds of feet from the colony and find their way back using trails established by pheromones. Pharaoh ants have a strong desire for moisture and nests may be established in almost any void or large crevice, as well as outdoors in the soil under debris or objects. More…


Las Vegas Ant Control 

Ants attack and defend themselves by biting, and in some cases; stinging. An ant sting often results in the injection, or spraying, of a chemical like formic acid. As such, some ant species are widely considered a pest control problem. Unfortunately, because of the adaptive nature of most ant colonies, eliminating the entire group is nearly impossible. Therefore, it becomes a matter of controlling the local pest population, rather than exterminating the entire colony.

If you are a Las Vegas resident, and need help controlling the ant population around your home, contact a local pest control professional today! Whether it’s Argentine, Fire, or Black Ants you are dealing with, a pest control professional will have a solution to your ant problem

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Top 6 Reasons to Get Ant Control

1- Deadly Painful bites. Ants can cause very painful bites and for some these bites can actually prove to be fatal. Harvester ants carry the most potent toxins, follow by fire ants and a few other nasty little ants.

2- Damage to food. Pantries all over the US have suffered from sugar ant, thief ants, Argentine ants, and odorous house ants. There is no way of knowing how much food has been thrown out after being ravaged by these invasive ants.

3- Spreading of Diseases – Not all ants spread disease causing bacteria, but among those that do you will find the ever so common crazy ant.

4- Damage to wood framing. Carpenter ants chew on wood.  They can weaken a homes structure.  An infestation of these ants is easily recognized by the saw dust/ wood particles they leave behind. Easily recognized but hard to get rid of.

5- Damage to electrical wiring. Some ants are so small that they will crawl into a structures electrical wiring.  Rasberry ants have specifically been identified and reported in short circuiting electrical wires.

6- House fires. While not common there is a real threat of house fires being caused by ants.  Carpenter ants that leave wood debris laying in your walls leave a trail of fire dangers. Just last week carpenter ants were named as the cause of house fire last week. The Florida home caught fire and caused 80,000 in damages and all because of one tiny little black ant. The ant colony was making their home in the wall near an electrical outlet. When one of the carpenter ants got grounded by the electrical current running through the wiring it caught on fire and the fire quickly spread out of the outlet and into the family room.

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Get rid of ants!

Hi, my name is Brian and I am writing this to inform you of the recent ant activity in the Las Vegas area. Here at Pest Control Las Vegas, we have noticed a dramatic increase in calls and emails for help with ants. Here are a couple of email calls for help:

“Ants surrounding house and beginning to come inside.”

“This is a rental home of mine and the tenants are having an ant infestation that I need to get a quote on and taken care of as soon as possible.”

“Since we moved into our new home we tried to get the ants under control. But as soon as we destroy ons hill, they just build another one. There are ant holes and hills all over the yard. We tried natron allready and hot water but nothing helps.”

If you have noticed similar problems, we can help. Call us today. We are 94% recommended and 100% guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you.


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