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Nevada Nation’s Least Safe State

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Nevada was recently recognized with an unflattering designation, and it’s not going to help with our lagging tourist numbers.

The latest study conducted by WalletHub, designates our much-loved state as this country’s least safe state! We couldn’t even get 49th out of 50; but I guess someone has to come in last.

According to the report, several different factors (26 to be exact) were taken into consideration when compiling the rankings of most safe to least safe states. Some of these factors include: crime, natural disasters, insurance coverage, traffic accidents, and even took into account the amount of money in our savings accounts.

The most disturbing trend was that Nevada ranked 47/50 in the highest number of assaults per capita. Yikes! It’s not determined just how many of these assaults were done by local residents or tourists.

Other than assaults per capita, there wasn’t any other specific category that we ranked especially low in; just low averages across the board.

Top 5 Least Safe States


51. Nevada
50. Arkansas
49. Tennessee
48. Oklahoma
47. Texas

Top 5 Safest States


1. Massachusetts
2. New Hampshire
3. Minnesota
4. Hawaii
5. Washington D.C.

See the safety rankings of each state in order of most safe to least safe, here.



Some Good News From Bulwark




While the recent report labeled Nevada as this country’s least safe state is pretty grim, Bulwark Exterminating is doing our part to make this great safe… Safe from dangerous and deadly pests like the bark scorpion and black widow spider.

Pest control treatments from Bulwark Exterminating Las Vegas, NV eradicate the threat of unsafe pests that find their way inside your home.

As for the other dangerous conditions that happen to be afflicting our great state, we can only hope some of our legislators can figure a few things out!

Las Vegas Bulwark Pest Control


Bulwark Exterminating
3932 Octagon Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

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Happy Halloween From Bulwark Exterminating

Halloween is only a few more days away. We’d like to wish all of our customers and neighbors a very, happy Halloween. Stay safe and have fun. In need of a last minute costume ideas? Have a look at our latest video…

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Pest Word Search Infographic

The city of Las Vegas is home to many pests, and I’m not talking about all the smut peddlers that frequent the streets of The Strip. Scorpions, roaches, spiders, and ants are really easy to find; but have you ever tried to find them in a word search puzzle? The pest professionals at Bulwark Exterminating, who have a branch in Las Vegas, put together a fun social media piece… A pest word search puzzle.

Wanna see?

The Pest Word Search Puzzle 


Pest Test Puzzle

The word search puzzle that you see above, was shared on Facebook, and participants were asked to comment on the puzzle the first pest that they found. The results were quite interesting; and impressive. Some 12,500 plus participants took part.

Wanna know how the first pest you found stacked up to the other 12,500 plus participants? Well, look no further than the following infographic:

Pest Word Search Infographic 


Pest Word Search Puzzle Infographic

How’d You Fare On The Pest Test Puzzle?


After searching the pest test word search, and noting the first pest you found; then comparing it to the other participants, how’d you fare? Did you find all the pests listed, and a few non-pests? Was one of your greatest fears, i.e. scorpion or spider, one of the first pests you found?

Please feel free to comment the first pest you find below in the comments section.

Thomas Ballantyne

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Beating The Heat In Las Vegas

The heat is finally here. As we move into June and July our weather here in Las Vegas will consistently be in the triple digits. It doesn’t seem to matter how long you’ve lived in the valley, everybody has to readjust and adapt to the extreme heat. Experts say that it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to a drastic change in climate. As we’ve moved into the 100+ degree days of summer we can all take a few simple measures to make sure we’re not putting ourselves at risk for mild dehydration, or worse.

We can’t just be held hostage by the soaring temperatures. We can’t just stay indoors all summer, waiting for things to cool back down. We’ll obviously go on with our normal lives the best we can, but here are a few things to consider.

Don’t Get Thirsty. There’s an old saying used a lot in athletics: “If you’re thirsty, it’s too late”. It’s not enough to pack a sufficient amount of water or fluids when you start your hike, bike ride or golf round. You should be hydrating regularly on a daily basis that you never feel the sensation of thirst. Never be thirsty. Even if you work at a desk or will be home all morning, start your day by getting in at least a bottle of water before lunch. Get in another bottle or two before dinner. That way, once you get outdoors in the sunny heat, you’ll be well ahead of the onset of early dehydration. Drinking during the activity won’t be a matter of catching back up, but staying ahead.

Electrolytes. Never stop drinking good, plain water. On top of that, add in some electrolytic fluids. Drinks like Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Gatorade (Gatorade G2 to save calories) with added electrolytes will help combat the thermal affects of heat on your body. As you sweat throughout the day, you body loses essential salts and other minerals that keep your body chemically balanced. Sport drinks can help to counteract this increasing deficit.

Park In The Shade. It may mean you have to walk a little bit further to and from the entrance of the store, but finding a spot in the shade can reduce the overall temperature in your car during your absence by dozens of degrees. Not only will your car be more bearable once you return, but your A/C will need less time to cool back down.

Protect Your Lid. If you’re planning a hike or a round of golf, expect to be in the sun for several hours. Wearing a hat can take the sun off your face and shoulders, keeping your head several degrees cooler. An important component of battling the heat is keeping your body core cool. Protecting your head from direct sunlight is the first and major step to regulating your body temperature.

Complications from leaving the house unprepared to spend several hours in the sun and heat can compile rather quickly. Taking these small steps into consideration will help ensure you’ll enjoy your weekly hike or round of golf with your friends remains healthy and pleasant. A little preparation goes a long way, as does the lack thereof.

Stay safe!


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Las Vegas Real Estate Guide

English: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

English: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning the basics of Las Vegas real estate will help you to purchase responsibly. You will know when the best time to acquire property is, and how you can look for a house that meets all residential requirements. In addition, you will also be able to speculate future trends with some degree of accuracy.

Major Residential Areas

Las Vegas is known for its luxurious grandeur. Along The Strip lie several high rises that are ideal for the lavish metropolitan lifestyle the city has to offer. You will also find the Sky Las Vegas along The Strip. This apartment provides all the facilities of a fully-furnished apartment and the lifestyle that comes with it.

If you are looking for condominiums, City Center is the place you should be visiting, not to mention the City Center skyline which is another piece of architecture worth looking at.

Long-term Investments in Las Vegas Real Estate

Many people perceive Las Vegas as an entertainment city and nothing else. Hence, they do not consider purchasing residential property in this city.

However, while it is true that Las Vegas is home to dozens of casinos, hotels, malls, and parks, it also has sufficient amenities for daily living. For instance, did you know that Las Vegas has more libraries than any other metropolitan city in the US?

The city’s education level is impressive, as about 80% of residents have senior high school and college education. The student-to-teacher ratio in 2012 was 18:1. So just keeping the education statistics in mind, you can actually consider investing in an apartment or condominium in Las Vegas as a permanent residence.

Current and Future Trends

Ever since the recession, the Las Vegas property market faced high rates of foreclosure. Many speculated that property prices will continue to fall in 2013. However, others were of the view that 2013 will be the year when the market will resurge, and currently, prices are going up.

However, the current mode of property buying/selling is short sale. It entails a lengthy procedure which many are willing to go through. This is because the local inventory is currently low. Those who want to sell off their property without short sale will have to wait till banks start foreclosure.

But even though prices are going up, recovery seems weak. Various factors come into play, and limited lending, government legislation, and the overall economy will play their part to slow recovery down.

Ryan Crighton, a real estate expert in Las Vegas wrote this article about Las Vegas real estate.

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