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Nevada Nation’s Least Safe State

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Nevada was recently recognized with an unflattering designation, and it’s not going to help with our lagging tourist numbers.

The latest study conducted by WalletHub, designates our much-loved state as this country’s least safe state! We couldn’t even get 49th out of 50; but I guess someone has to come in last.

According to the report, several different factors (26 to be exact) were taken into consideration when compiling the rankings of most safe to least safe states. Some of these factors include: crime, natural disasters, insurance coverage, traffic accidents, and even took into account the amount of money in our savings accounts.

The most disturbing trend was that Nevada ranked 47/50 in the highest number of assaults per capita. Yikes! It’s not determined just how many of these assaults were done by local residents or tourists.

Other than assaults per capita, there wasn’t any other specific category that we ranked especially low in; just low averages across the board.

Top 5 Least Safe States


51. Nevada
50. Arkansas
49. Tennessee
48. Oklahoma
47. Texas

Top 5 Safest States


1. Massachusetts
2. New Hampshire
3. Minnesota
4. Hawaii
5. Washington D.C.

See the safety rankings of each state in order of most safe to least safe, here.



Some Good News From Bulwark




While the recent report labeled Nevada as this country’s least safe state is pretty grim, Bulwark Exterminating is doing our part to make this great safe… Safe from dangerous and deadly pests like the bark scorpion and black widow spider.

Pest control treatments from Bulwark Exterminating Las Vegas, NV eradicate the threat of unsafe pests that find their way inside your home.

As for the other dangerous conditions that happen to be afflicting our great state, we can only hope some of our legislators can figure a few things out!

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