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Las Vegas ExterminatorThe 7th largest state in the United States is Nevada, and is home to over 2 million Nevadans.  With Nevada’s many beautiful white capped mountain ranges it is no wonder why Nevada is derived from the Spanish word “snowcapped.”  Nevada is famous for having the world’s biggest littlie city; Reno, NV. In addition, the world famous city of Las Vegas, and the awe-inspiring Hover Dam, are also found in Nevada.  Nevada is also home to many pests like crickets, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, and ants. All of these pests will need to be exterminated or they will cause a huge problem.

Where will Nevada pests live? 

Most of the pests that live in Nevada are going to live on the outside of the home. Pest will live anywhere from plants, to woodpiles, grass, under rocks, and even in pool equipment. These areas will provide protection for the pests to live, and provide a valid food source. When the pest starts to over populate outside the home, they will then make their way into the home. Inside the home they will infest the walls and cause a major problem.

What will an exterminator do to stop the infestation? 

To stop pests from infesting a home, an exterminator will need to do a very intensive treatment.  The exterminator will need to identify what pests are living at the home. When the pest is identified, the exterminator can then treat for the problem with the correct product(s). The exterminator should also do an in-wall treatment to kill any pests living inside the walls of the home. The exterminator will then power spray around the whole home, and then treat the plants and bushes with granules.  This will provide the home with a strong barrier, and exterminate any pest trying to infest the home.

Where can you find a good exterminator? 

The best place to look for a good exterminator in Nevada is online. You can do this by looking on Better Business Bureau, Google and Yelp.

Las Vegas Exterminators

Bulwark Exterminating
3932 Octagon Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 255-6313 
K-9 Sweeps LLC: Bed Bug Control
& K9 Scent Detection
8201 Woodland Prairie Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89129
(702) 586-5179 
4550 Ziebart Pl # A
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 597-9760

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