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Don’t Share Your Food With Roaches

There are very few things we find in our Las Vegas homes more repulsive than roaches. Just the thought of flipping on the kitchen light, and seeing them scurry off into the deepest corners of our cupboards is enough to make any of us lose it!

Want to hear something even more revolting? If you are seeing these roaches in your kitchen, you are likely sharing your food with them as well.

Just one unattended donut can be swiped by a sneaky roach whenever you’re not looking. See the drama for yourself:

While roaches, like the one above, love sugary sweet donuts; they will actually eat just about anything organic in nature. Leather? Yup! Dog doo? Gross, and yup. Blood? Yes, one of their favorites.

Cockroaches are attracted to the food and water in your home. Just like you and me, they need these things to survive. Also like you and me (some of the time), roaches are capable of spreading diseases, worms, and bacteria. If they are crawling on the food you’re ingesting, you’re that much more likely to get sick.

Don’t share your food with roaches; don’t get sick. Get professional Las Vegas roach control.

Las Vegas Roach Control


Like it was mentioned before, roaches are nasty business that can spread diseases and make you sick. You don’t want them in your home, and you definitely don’t want them in your kitchen sharing your food with you.

If you are seeing roaches in your Las Vegas home, it’s time to call a professional. Get Las Vegas roach control today!

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