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Whether you accept this fact or not, but the ugly truth is that your home is vulnerable to pests. If you don’t implement precautionary measures from the beginning it will get just more and more difficult to get rid of them. There are more than 5000 different species of pests that can make your home as their breeding grounds. We have been struggling with pest control from times immemorial. Pests like cockroaches are actually one of the oldest living organisms on the planet and have evolved to survive in the most unfavorable conditions. Pest presence in your house can cause serious health problems. Malaria, dengue and typhoid are just a few to name from an array of diseases that pests can cause. At times these diseases can even prove to be fatal. For these reasons it becomes extremely important to adopt measures of preventing them from flourishing in our homes. It is also equally important to keep the surroundings of your house free from pests as sometimes these surroundings become the breeding ground for pests, ultimately leading them in to our homes. If you find your home infested with pests, your best bet is to immediately call a pest control professional. Professionals dealing with pest control are known as exterminators. In this article we will mention some steps that you can take to check pest population in your home.

  • Be observant:

No matter what pest control method you adopt, your home will never be free from pests unless you are observant. To start with, you should check your walls for any cracks. Pests literally love these small cracks. They burrow in to them and make them their breeding grounds. Any cracks that you find in your walls must be immediately sealed. Also check if your doors and windows are closing perfectly. Open doors and windows are an invitation for rodents.

  • Check moisture level:

In a survey it was found that almost thirty percent of calls that pest control professionals receive are for termite related problems. Termites can destroy your wooden furniture. If your home is built from wood, you should be even more worried about their existence in your home. One thing must be clearly understood, it’s not the wood that attracts termites. It’s the moisture laden wood that attracts them and serves as their breeding ground. First of all you must make sure that any furniture you buy is made from well seasoned wood. Secondly you must make sure that your dehumidifier is working well. During summers, if your dehumidifier or air conditioning system is not working optimally, moisture can seep into your wooden door frames and furniture. This moisture is destined to infest your home with termites and many other potentially dangerous species of pests.

  • Maintain hygiene:

Keep your house clean and dry. You must never leave unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink. The leftover food on these dirty dishes is the buffet for cockroaches and many other pests. You rarely see these cockroaches as they mostly come out at night when you are fast asleep. They venture out in your home at night and dine on any food material that you might have left uncovered. Many pests carry harmful microorganisms, they can easily transfer these micro organisms to any uncovered or leftover food in your house. Any person who then consumes this food is destined to fall ill.

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