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Big Impact Gadgets That Will Keep Your Attic Free From Annoying Animals

          How many animals do you think are inside your attic at this exact moment? You might be able to guess if you can hear them running around all night when you’re lying in bed. It starts to get really annoying after a while when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s not even the big rodents that cause all of the problems. They might make the most noise, but when you use your attic you don’t want to find hundreds of insects there every time you go up to get something.

You don’t have to put up with all that noise anymore. You can also reach down to pick up a box without having a spider scare you to death. All you need are a few little gadgets that will make your life easier, because it’s not like you can stay inside your attic and physically chase them all away with a broom. We’ll take a closer look at the ones you might want to study in more detail because I’m sure you will want to know about the ones that will have the biggest impact.

An Electronic Aid


Some animals are blessed because they have the ability to hear much more sounds than we could ever imagine. If you have ever used a dog whistle you will know what I’m talking about. We can’t hear supersonic sounds, but small animals can so we’re going to use it against them. The electronic machine you set up will blast out sounds which don’t hurt animals on their own, but when the frequency changes non-stop it will disorient them and they won’t set foot inside your attic.

A Fake Attic Owl


If you look underneath the bottom row of tiles on your roof you will discover that there are small holes where birds can get through. This is how they enter your attic and start building nests. You can set up a machine that blasts out owl sounds on a regular basis. When normal birds near these sounds they will stay away because they won’t want to mess with any birds of prey. Your garden will also be cleaner because birds won’t be leaving their droppings everywhere.

Non-Lethal Traps


Mouse traps are not very nice, especially if you’re squeamish. You can set lots of traps around your attic and when a mouse tries to take a piece of cheese they will be squashed to death. It sounds horrible, but that is because it is. If you don’t want to throw a squashed mouse in the trash can you should think about setting up some non-lethal traps. Those traps are the kind that let you release the mice back into the world so they can enjoy the rest of their lives.

A Set Of Spikes


You can also get a roofer to attach some spikes to your roof. They are very thin so you won’t even see them, but when a random bird decides your roof looks like a nice chair they will suddenly feel a sharp pain in their behind. When birds can’t sit on your roof they won’t come anywhere near it, so there is much less chance of them sneaking in underneath your tiles. You can combine this will the bird speakers and your roof will stay empty.

It Won’t Be Long Now


If you can set these gadgets up inside your attic there is a good chance it will stay free from any animals who might want to disturb your sleep. You might miss the company when you go up to grab something out of a box, but I’m sure you’ll get over it.

The author of this post, Mark Ross, is the owner of a pest control company, renowned for bee removal in Toronto. He has a keen interest in the latest gadgets that save his time and which enable him to spend more time with his family.

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