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Myths And Facts About Scorpions In Las Vegas

It is that time of year here in Las Vegas when we see weekly rises in temperature. For those of us warm-weather people, it’s a nice time of year. In places like Las Vegas and Phoenix temperatures have already dipped up into the triple digits. However, for bugs, it’s that time of year that their activity gets kicked up a notch. For scorpions in Las Vegas, the beginning of summer is practically a coming out party across the valley.

Scorpions are an incredibly dynamic pest, which makes them one of the most least understood bugs we find around our house. Here are a few things you should know about our creepy, prickly friends.

Las Vegas Bark Scorpion

Toxic is not the same as deadly. Bark scorpions are the most common scorpion found in Las Vegas. They are smaller, about the size of a house key. They are, indeed, considered the most toxic or venomous scorpion in the country, but that doesn’t always equate to “deadly”. Fatalities from bark scorpion stings is actually very rare. Most cases only result in severe discomfort, swelling or numbing.

Sever complications from scorpion stings are typically a result of three primary conditions. Small children usually experience prolonged and exaggerated symptoms, as they have a smaller body mass in comparison to adults. Their immune system are not as efficient as those of adults, and have problems metabolizing through the venom. For similar reasons, elderly folks are also the most susceptible to complications. Weakened and inefficient defense system can cause a myriad of problems.

Lastly, those with known allergies to other stinging insects such as bees should also be extra cautious. If you know you have such allergies follow the same response procedures that you would if you were to be stung by those insects. Wait and see if symptoms begin to escalate, but don’t be hesitant to head to the ER.

Baby scorpions are not any more dangerous than adults. Stemming from the comparison that baby venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes cannot control the amount of poison they inject into their victim is the same assumption for scorpions. There is no validated research that indicates that is the case.

Scorpions can survive a very long time without food or water. Many believe that scorpions are invading their home for one reason – food. While they do, indeed, need food to survive, they absolutely do not care how clean, dirty or food-filled your home is. In the Las Vegas summer, water and cooler temperature emission from your home is what initially attracted them to your home. They can survive several months on very minimal food. One cricket, for example. They are not specifically showing up for “Pizza Night” or to scoop up leftovers.

Scorpions are not rampant in the desert. Contrary to popular belief, there are not that many scorpions in the barren desert. Let me clarify. Yes, they are indigenous to the land, but we have made the problem and population much, much worse. The process has developed and grown over several decades. Basically, we have given them optimal conditions to breed and survive. For decades we have provided an abundant water supply as we have watered our lawns and plants. Our yards themselves have protected them from their natural predators and the interior walls of our houses have provided them shelter. There is nothing we could’ve done, or currently can do, to stop this natural process, but it helps to understand how and why they seem to infest your particular house.

Another day, another dollar. They are just trying to survive like the rest of us.

May 15, 2013 at 7:26 pm
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