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Watch For Pests Hiding In Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations, Christmas tree

Christmas decorations, Christmas tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas Pests

The magical Christmas season is finally here. The joyous event of decorating your home with all those beautiful decorations could be less joyous with an unfortunate encounter with a pest hiding in your decorations. Pests can quickly make the happiest time of year, into a time of worry and frustration.

Pests like scorpions, spiders, rodents, and silverfish love hiding out among your boxes of Christmas decorations. There are a few things that you can do to help ensure your Christmas is free of pests that may be hiding in your decorations.

Watch Out For Pests Hiding In Your Christmas Decor

Most of you have boxes and boxes full of Christmas lights, ceramic figurines, Christmas wrapping paper, and wreathes. You likely store these boxes in a garage, in your basement, or in the attic; all places Las Vegas pests love to hide when the weather cools. Here are a few holiday decorating tips that will ensure you don’t bring about a full on pest infestation inside your home.

First, examine Christmas boxes. If there are any pests living among your Christmas decorations, they will leave some evidence. Look for discarded shells of seeds or nuts. Rodent droppings are also an obvious clue of a pest problem. Look for the dead carcasses of silverfish or roaches. Where there are dead insects there are usually living ones… Plus, spiders and scorpions will be feeding on them.

Cautiously handle boxes. Use caution and be alert when you open those boxes of Christmas decorations. If there is a scorpion, spider, or rodent living inside; a misplaced hand could result in a painful bite or sting.

Open decorations outside first. By doing this you will keep from bringing any unwanted bugs or disease carrying rodents inside your home.

Inspect your Christmas tree. Whether your Christmas tree is real or fake, it needs to be thoroughly inspected for any evidence of pests. Rodents like mice, squirrels, and rats love making their nests inside artificial trees. If you buy a live tree on a lot, or cut one down yourself, look for signs of aphids, and other small tree insects. You won’t want them crawling all over you.

Get Las Vegas pest control. If you do happen to find any signs of pests living among your Christmas decorations, get professional help. A licensed Las Vegas exterminator can rid you of any of the above mentioned pests; and ensure your Christmas is pest free.

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