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Golden Nugget Dining Areas Shut Down Because Of Pest Infestation

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Restaurant Battling Pests 


Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New findings from the Las Vegas, NV health department may have guests of the Golden Nugget cringing. The Southern Nevada Health District closed down the hotel and casino’s 24 hour a day café. The health department also closed down the employee dining room citing 27 problems with pests like roaches, and for unsanitary conditions.

Guests at the 24 Hour Carson Street Café inside the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino are being turned away. The employee restaurant is also closed down citing numerous health code violations. Both are closed indefinitely as The Golden Nugget launches a full investigation into what went wrong. The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino is one of the oldest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Recent upgrades were designed to draw tourists in, but inside the restaurant is currently sitting empty.

The Las Vegas Health Department gave The Golden Nugget’s Carson Street Café and employee restaurant demerits for lack of “effective pest control measures.” Representatives for the Golden Nugget say they are working diligently to reopen the employee restaurant and the Carson Street Café as soon a possible. This is welcome news for the many tourists who flock to Las Vegas and feel that the Golden Nugget is a downtown staple.

The health department says its goal is to work with the Golden Nugget to get effective pest control measures that will prevent pest infestations like this from happening again.

Statement From Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

“We are clearly upset and disappointed that somebody dropped the ball. This should never happen. We retain the services of a professional outdoor vendor, and are angry and disappointed that this happened. A full investigation is being launched as to how this occurred, and we assure all of our guests that it will not happen again.”

Effective Pest Control

Effective pest control is essentially a pest control service that delivers what it promises. After receiving a pest control treatment, you should not be seeing pests like roaches, spiders, or scorpions near in your home. If one of these creepy crawlies does happen to get past the pest barrier, an immediate re-treatment should be available free of charge. Look for a Las Vegas pest control company that guarantees their effectiveness.

It’s safe to say somebody dropped the ball at The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

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