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Common Las Vegas Ants



Ants are social insects. They are also considered generalist predators, scavengers and indirect herbivores. This pest has colonized almost every landmass in the World. The only regions that lack indigenous ants, are Antarctica and a few large islands; such as Greenland, Iceland, (parts of) Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. These common pests form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals, to highly organized colonies which sometimes occupy large areas; consisting of millions of ants.

Las Vegas Ants 

The city of Las Vegas has several ant species that can be a nuisance. They also can cause pain from stings/bites; they can spoil your food, and damage and your property. The Las Vegas ant scene is dominated primarily by the Argentine ant and the Pharaoh ant.
argentine ant

Argentine Ants 

Though the Argentine Ant is a small, non-stinging ant, it is very territorial and aggressive and will drive away or kill competing ant species. They make a chemical called iridomyr-mecin which they smear on their enemies to kill them or make them run away. Neighboring colonies of Argentine ants appear not to be aggressive toward each other, allowing for the rapid spread and domination of this species. More…


English: Profile view of ant Monomorium pharao...

Pharaoh Ants 

Tiny pharaoh ants become a huge problem when they inhabit structures. Colonies can become very large, with several hundred thousand workers and many queens. In response to repellent chemicals, colonies often split off into new colonies. Workers will forage for food hundreds of feet from the colony and find their way back using trails established by pheromones. Pharaoh ants have a strong desire for moisture and nests may be established in almost any void or large crevice, as well as outdoors in the soil under debris or objects. More…


Las Vegas Ant Control 

Ants attack and defend themselves by biting, and in some cases; stinging. An ant sting often results in the injection, or spraying, of a chemical like formic acid. As such, some ant species are widely considered a pest control problem. Unfortunately, because of the adaptive nature of most ant colonies, eliminating the entire group is nearly impossible. Therefore, it becomes a matter of controlling the local pest population, rather than exterminating the entire colony.

If you are a Las Vegas resident, and need help controlling the ant population around your home, contact a local pest control professional today! Whether it’s Argentine, Fire, or Black Ants you are dealing with, a pest control professional will have a solution to your ant problem

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