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Consumers should be weary of pest control companies that misuse the term “Green Pest Control”. There are no regulations for how or who can use the term “Green Pest Control”. Its advised that you ask specific questions about the service and about the products being used. When interviewing a pest control company you should ask “how toxic are your products?” This requires them to give you an answer based on the products label.  You can also ask about treatment techniques.  Do they spray your baseboards inside?  Do they require frequent interior treatments?  Are the products sprayed on the outside different then those used on the inside?

If you are interested in a more enviromentally friendly service then perhaps you should also ask about green pest cotnrol practices.  Do they have GPS on their trucks?  Do they use an electric pump?  Do they recycle?  Do they have a paperless or autopay billing solution? All of these are easy steps for a pest control company to take in order to provide a greener friendlier pest control solution.

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May 1, 2009 at 7:10 pm
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