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Pest Control Tragedy

Pest Control may have been fatal for two children.

Middle east pest control company being prosecuted for the possible lethal use of pest control products.  4 other pest control companies also being prosecuted for restricted use pesticides.

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Las Vegas Bed Bugs Booming!

Bed Bug Problem is spreading.

Las Vegas isn’t the only city with an increasing bed bug epidemic.  It’s nation wide.  Bed bugs are spreading like wild fire.  Those that frequent hotels are at a hire risk of bringing these pests home.  Pest Control operators are getting an ever increasing demand for bed bugs and EPA has no clear solution. As PCOs struggle to combat these pests many are quickly realizing that general pest control isn’t going to cut it.

Estimates of bed bug problem continuing to grow. Apartments and hotels are not the only businesses affected as airliners and movie theaters are also reporting problems. EPA contemplates a Public Health Notice.

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The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.

Have you ever heard Bulwark Exterminating’s ultimate goal/objective?

Bulwark’s Objective:
“The Most Productive Highest Quality Service Company In The World.”

How is Bulwark doing?
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