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5 Stars: Bulwark performance and review * UPDATE* (by William V.)

I called Bulwark as I stated I would, I informed them of the situation and they came out the following day. It was a young guy that sprayed the areas I outlined as well as the outside areas with a water hose style device. It soaked as it was intended to do the outside areas. I asked him to granulate the rocks and he agreed, but I believe he forgot and left without doing it. Not an issue because I’ll ask them next time and have that added to my contract as Bulwark said I should do.

Since I saw those little guys the other day and I have now found mommy (dead) out by the dryer vent I have not seen anymore since their visit. THANK GOD!

OK, my overall observation and feelings about Bulwark. I believe they are a really good company, they do what they say they are going to do, and they come when they say they will. The unlimited call response is something I do not believe you’ll find anywhere in Las Vegas. That coupled with the friendly customer service makes this company worth a serious look.

When I found myself in the market for a "Bug Guy" I asked EVERYONE i knew here and all I heard was complaint after complaint, so that is how my friend from Eco Lab ended up doing my property. When I again needed a pest control service I did the same thing, asking everyone about possible pest control services. Bulwark was the only company I did not hear bad things about…Guess what, I’m still a happy customer….

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July 16, 2008 at 11:27 pm Comments (0)