Pest Control Las Vegas NV

Family Pest Control Service in Las Vegas Nevada

5 Stars: Friendly and Effective (by by cogitoboy at Citysearch) »« 4 Stars: Good protection for your home….. (by George O.)

5 Stars: Always on time, environmentally friendly, and it works! (by Kate E.)

We have had Bulwark exterminating our home for over a year. The first time they come, they do the whole house (inside and out). After that, once a month they call to let you know when they are coming to do the outside. If you need them to come inside (which we haven’t needed very often), they will at no extra charge. They run about $30/month. A real bonus is the stuff they use is non-toxic to pets and humans!

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August 17, 2005 at 2:11 pm
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